November 2021 – July 2022


800 hours (446 classes | 320 Stage | 34 Project work)


The course is FREE because financed with ESF PO 2014-2020

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Application deadline: November 23rd 2021

Junior Expert in Circular Economy
Techniques of Environmental Safety Systems and Industrial Process Quality

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RIF PA 2021-16004/RER approved with document n. 1263 of 02/08/2021 and financed with European social fund resources, Ministry of Education, University and Research and Emilia Romagna Region


  • Being part of multidisciplinary teams and organized contexts, communicating adequately and providing useful contributions to the achievement of shared objectives
  • Apply project management techniques and tools, with particular reference to interventions and projects that support the transition to sustainable production and the circular economy;
  • Apply circular process and product design approaches and techniques
  • To manage the company quality system and the quality control of the product and the process
  • Evaluate the impact of company performance on the ecosystem, implementing and promoting environmental protection, energy saving, health and safety protection policies in the workplace
  • Evaluate industrial production processes and products in terms of life cycles (LCA), in order to rationalize and contain their impacts on the environment
  • Understanding the opportunities and potential critical issues associated with product re-design projects, in order to encourage the development of new business models that favor circularity and sustainability.

The technician at the end of the course will be useful to help the company to facilitate the process of innovation to circular economy.

Certificate issued
Post-secondary qualification of specialization in TECHNIQUES OF ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY SYSTEMS AND INDUSTRIAL PROCESS QUALITY (EQF IV) released after success of final exam.

The course includes the intervention of international experts.

Contents of the course

During the course verranno approfondite le seguenti tematiche:

Mod 1: Introduction to sustainable and circular economy

Mod 2: The profile of the Expert for the circular and sustainable economy industrial processes

Mod 3: The potential innovation of businesses in sustainable development

Mod 4: Environmental innovation in the process of production

Mod 5: Project management and evaluation intervention tools

Mod 6: Quality Management and enviromental certification

Mod 7: Redesigning products and new business models for services

Mod 8: Activation of end business engagement for innovation in circular economy

Mod 9: Social impact on circular models and Business Model at impact

Mod 10: English language

Mod 11: Analysis and processing of data and information

Mod 12: Health and safety on workplace

Mod 13: Environmental legislation

Mod 14: Self-entrepreneurship and Open Innovation

Mod 15: Sharing experiences

In the modules will be involved university teachers and business experts.

Modules 1-3-4-7-8 will be done at distance with video conference mode all in English, international experts involved (University of Oulu, Aevolution, Anois, My Climate foundation).

A 320 hours internship is planned.

Access requirements

FORMAL REQUIREMENT: Young people and adults, not employed or employed, resident or domiciled in Emilia-Romagna on a date before the application, in possession of an upper secondary education diploma. The course can also be accessed by people in possession of admission to the fifth year of high school courses, those who are in possession of the professional diploma obtained as a result of the fourth year courses of Education and Vocational Training. In addition, non-graduated people can also access, upon verification of the skills acquired in previous education, training and work paths.

SKILLS REQUIREMENT: Alphabetic and mathematical arithmetic skills; Scientific and technological skills of physics, chemistry, business organization. In consideration of the fact that some of the modules will be held remotely and in English, competence in the use of a PC and good knowledge of English (level B2) are required.


  • multiple choice test for to verify previous knowledge and skills which will concern in particular the knowledge of literacy and arithmetic, mathematics, IT, English, chemistry, physics;
  • interview to verify motivation and consistency of the personal study / work path with the professional profile trained, analytical skills – problem solving, ability to understand and talk in English.

At the end of the selection a ranking will be written. The first 20 candidates in order of ranking will be admitted to the course.

International experts involved

University of Oulu (Finland), partner of the 1st pilot edition, will contribute to the realization of the following modules: Introduction to the circular and sustainable economy, The innovation potential of companies in sustainable development, Environmental innovation in production processes.

My Climate foundation (Switzerland) has proven international experience in the field of environmental sustainability consultancy with particular reference to LCA and Carbon footprint.

ANOIS is an Irish society with known experience in design themes for remanufacturing e disassembly and new business model for circular economy, consultant of international organization such as UNIDO. ANOIS, will realize the module about redesigning products and new business models for services

AEVOLUTION is a German society with esperience in project management, communication, activation of innovation groups with reference to sustainability and circular economy projects. They will collaborate in the modules about environmental innovation in the process of production and activation of end business engagement for innovation in circular economy

How to apply

You can contact Centoform S.r.l. calling the no. +39 051 68 30 470
or via e-mail to: by November 23rd 2021


Ferrara (FE)


Telephone no. : 051 68 30 470



University of Ferrara, CERCIS (Centre for research on circular economy), IIS Bassi-Burgatti, IIS Archimede, Sfridoo, manufacturing enterprises of Emilia Romagna. International partnership (University of Oulu, Myclimate Foundation), manufacturing enterprises from countries of the partnership: Italy, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, technical superior institutes of the territory, Centre for research on sustainable production and circular economy.


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